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A Chat with Casey Desmond

Written by Cady Drell | Dig Boston on .

dig boston 2012 0301 casey desmondChecking-in with the cherry-tressed retro-futurist

Casey Desmond is the type of girl we would like to see succeed. Of course, that's not why she's going to succeed—she's creative, she has a lovely and powerful voice that's just as melodic and interesting on Lady Gaga covers at it is on her self-penned brand of synth-pop-rock, she makes her own clothes (she has a line, OHDEERGOD), she's pretty and she's really, really nice. Just really a stand-up gal. Plus, she won the exposure lottery, so to speak, by using all the successful qualities listed above to get herself into the nether rounds on the first season of NBC's The Voice, and has used every moment since to showcase said successful qualities.

Plus, that HAIR!

So because we really want her to succeed, and because she is inevitably going to succeed and, in fact, is succeeding already, we decided to catch up with Casey Desmond and find out what she's been up to, you know, in the success department.

First, generally: how's life post-Voice?

Life post-Voice is awesome. It didn't change my life too-too much; I still do the same things I did before, but it helped me get a bigger fan-base outside of Boston and even in different parts of the world. I'm really thankful for that, because it's helped me reach a crazy spectrum of people. From young kids to older people, all over the world. I'm just kind of staying on my path.

Do you still want to associate yourself with your tenure on the show, or do you try to actively break away from it?

To be honest, I don't actively do either.

If somebody wants to talk about The Voice, I'll talk about it, I'm happy to do that. But at the same time, I don't think it makes or breaks me, you know?

It was just one of those really cool experiences I got to have, and it helped me gain exposure. They seem to be really into everybody's individuality, which I think breaks them away from other types of American Idol-y shows.

Have you been watching Season 2?

Actually, you're gonna hate me—but I haven't been watching because I don't have cable!

What can we come to expect from your upcoming South by Southwest tour?

It's going to be a short little tour, pre-album. We're going to go from Boston to New York, down to Nashville, then to Austin. We'll be touring with Stereo Telescope, which will be so much fun because they're a duo electro band and my band is a duo, too, so it's just the four of us. I can't wait.

Why the omnichord? And what is an omnichord?

[Laughs] The omnichord is a cheesy, cute little toy from the '80s by Suzuki that I think was built just for the everyday person to learn how to make music. But it also comes in handy as a songwriting tool because you have all these chords in front of you presented as just, like, buttons. So if you're stuck on a song, and think, "I need a bridge," it's just a really cool, handy device. I've never really had to defend it, which is good. Everyone's always been really intrigued and interested by what it is. Like, "That looks like a tennis racket! What is it?"

So you're going to pioneer the retro-futuristic revival?

Oh my god, I love the "future from the past." It's one of my favorite things ever.

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