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Keyboard Magazine - Gear List

Written by Keyboard Magazine on .

keyboard mag gear 2012 03 casey blog pixHere's a companion to the photo on page 10 of our March 2012 issue, featuring the synth-filled personal studio of Boston-based Casey Desmond. This is hear complete gear list, in her own words. (Photo by JEAN RENARD.)
  • Teenage Engineering OP-1
  • Moog Slim Phatty
  • Access TI Virus Polar
  • Korg Kaossilator and Kaosillator Pro
  • Arturia Spark Drum Machine
  • Korg Poly-800, Roland SH2000
  • Baldwin Fun Machine organ
  • Sears Silvertone Chord Organ
  • Vintage Yamaha SY-2
  • Whitehall Organ
  • Linn Drum
  • Akai MPC5000 drum machine and S5000 Sampler
  • Casio CZ5000 and CZ3000 synths
  • Two different-looking Roland RS-O9 synths
  • Farfisa Bravo
  • Roland JX-3P with PG-200 programmer panel
  • Alesis Micron
  • Korg MicroKorg
  • Casio AZ1 Keytar
  • Casio DG-20 Synth Guitar
  • Hot Keyz
  • Pocket Piano (by Critter & Guitari, they're awesome and indie)
  • KorgMonotron
  • Hammond XK-3 clonewheel organ
  • Roland AlphaJuno-1
  • Synsonic, Alesis HR-16, and Roland RX-21 drum machines
  • MLM organ, circuit-bent by a friend and I) toy keyboard
  • Stylophone, Nintendo DI Korg synth
  • Yamaha PSS80
  • An old Thomas Organ that had a Moog synthesizer adjunct.
  • Vintage Casiotones: CT-202, CT-6000, two PT-82's, MT-200, MT-52, VL-TONE, CT-350, CT-805, MT-220, MT-68, MT-205, SA-2, SK-1, PT-20, PT-1.