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Infectious Magazine - Interview

Written by Angela | Infectious Magazine on .

infectious mag interview casey blogInfectious Magazine:Hi Casey! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

CD: I'm great, I'm just wrapping up my new album I've been working on for a long time, and planning a tour to SXSW and back. Very excited.

IM: Having been in the industry from such a young age, how have your views changed as you've grown?:

CD: I've always been very realistic about the industry, but with age comes wisdom I guess. I have been pursuing a career in music for about eight years, not including high school (when I played in a silly glam pop band called "Adore"/ gigged solo with my acoustic guitar), and the times have changed so drastically. My views definitely evolve with the industry. One aspect that pains me to witness is the inevitable extinction of the album... that includes the elaborate artwork, the conceptual projects, the over all beauty of physical album versus the intangible mp3, and digital booklet.

IM: Similarly, what challenges did you face being in the industry so young?:

CD: Well I'd say it's more challenging to be a woman in the music industry than being young. I see youth is an advantage, not a challenge if you're trying to succeed. I think there is too much emphasis on "young talent", especially for women. Labels are more likely to sign a 16 year old girl who can hardly sing, than a 35 year old woman who can blow your doors off. I don't put the blame entirely on the labels though, because society has a hand in it too. Why does age matter so much at all?

IM: You do production, songwriting, many of the instrumentations on your recordings and even create many of your own clothes. What else do you have up your sleeve that fans might not expect....and how do you balance it all?!:

CD: I'll be honest, it's very difficult to balance it all, most of the time my heads spinning. But the work needs to get done somehow, and I live for it. I love to be busy, and productive. The word workaholic doesn't even begin to describe me. I'm sure there's some sort of therapy that focuses solely on people who are obsessed with their jobs, but it's not something I desire to treat. Haha. The only time it gets to be too much is when I have deadlines, and my baby projects get ignored. Human stuff is put on the back burner too. Such as, needing to get groceries, and hanging with friends, washing laundry and so on.

I have a few things up my sleeve for my album release but I don't want to spoil any surprises. I'll give you a couple hints though. Rockets, dinosaurs, glitter, and hopefully a killer summer tour. That's all I can say :X

IM: You have a very beautiful and unique sound. How did you find that challenging, or even beneficial especially when in the local scene?:

CD: First of all, thank you! My sound has changed a lot of the course of my career. I started out playing acoustic guitar, then piano, now I jump around in spandex like a freak and tickle synths! It's always risky to challenge your prospective audience but in the end you stand out from the pack.

IM: I've been listening to "Chilly Allston" quite a bit lately and I've absolutely fallen in love with it! I hate to ask the cliché 'what's the inspiration' question but being from the area, I have to ask!:

CD: Chilly Allston is open for interpretation, but I can fill you in on the back story if you'd like. About five years ago, there were a handful of terrible bike accidents that occurred in Boston. Two young friends were in separate collisions while on their bikes, and only a month apart. They both died. A couple of my close friends were also in bike accidents but luckily were only injured. Around that same time, Allston lost an icon, when he crashed his scooter into a pole. Then I witnessed a man on a bike almost die when he rode out into traffic without looking, and he was not wearing a helmet. The car was an inch away from ending his life. That moment changed me a little. I thought about it for days, and cried. It made me feel so mortal. I started noticing white bicycles around the city, and was curious. I knew they were a symbol of "awareness" as well as remembrance. After doing a little research on these "ghost bikes", I was inspired to write about them, and the people they represented. The cover for that EP is of me in white, riding one. Chilly Allston was written about the high of life, but also unexpected death. It celebrates ones will to embrace spontaneity, while paying homage to those who have passed as result of it.

IM: Similarly, coming from Massachusetts, I always like to ask what your favorite hidden gem is, be it a restaurant, venue, etc?:

CD: I eat at Jim's Deli about 2-4 times a week. It's in Brighton center, and it serves breakfast all day. They're always nice, and they remember my order. Good service, quick, and so delicious. Best omelets and mac & cheese around!

IM: You are extremely active in social media-what would you like your fans to know?

CD: That I am an alien from the planet Errk