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casey small 2 123wideCreativity comes in many shapes and sizes. Casey dives into many.

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A Chat with Casey Desmond

dig boston 2012 0301 casey desmondChecking-in with the cherry-tressed retro-futurist

Casey Desmond is the type of girl we would like to see succeed. Of course, that's not why she's going to succeed—she's creative, she has a lovely and powerful voice that's just as melodic and interesting on Lady Gaga covers at it is on her self-penned brand of synth-pop-rock, she makes her own clothes (she has a line, OHDEERGOD), she's pretty and she's really, really nice. Just really a stand-up gal. Plus, she won the exposure lottery, so to speak, by using all the successful qualities listed above to get herself into the nether rounds on the first season of NBC's The Voice, and has used every moment since to showcase said successful qualities.

Allston Pudding - Interview

dig boston 2012 0301 casey desmondSeveral weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Boston based musician Casey Desmond. We met at ohdeergod, a studio filled with musical instruments (mainly keyboards) and framed artwork that had been done by Casey and by her friend and artist, Tofu Squirrel. Both the environment and Casey's personality were warm and welcoming. We discussed several topics such as androgyny, her adolescent punk phase, her sister who is in Streight Angular, and Facebook etiquette. This is what transpired.

-Lightfoot Kingsbeard

Casey Desmond featured in Star Magazine

One of my bestest friends Casey Desmond is featured in the latest issue of Star Magazine! I don't care what they say she's got the fiercest style ever.   ~Tara Ozella "Nefertara"


Lost at E Minor

casey-desmond-fashion3The neon 80s fashion of Casey Desmond

Casey Desmond's fashions and music are unabashedly synthetic. Both radiate pink and purple sparkles, referencing an 80s new wave future that only came true for the happily enlightened.

Thankfully, there's plenty of substance beyond her electro beats and sci-fi ensembles to satisfy a post-Gaga world in need of saving.


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