Music Anyone?

casey small 1 123wideListen to Casey's new song and do a dance.

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Painting the New Video Set

We are knee deep in creativity over here at the Magic Room Gallery. From decorating elaborate blue woodland creatures to spraying the forest neon, there is madness everywhere! Add choreographing dancing owls and morphing deer into men, things are busy. Anything goes I guess… or maybe it is the spray paint fumes getting to my head.

Here’s a sneak peek of the video preparations/preproduction for “Talking To God”. Stay tuned for the progress, and then the final product!

Thanks to Elizabeth Siegel, Mary Lee Desmond, Zack Schaefer, Katie Ciampa, Kayla Webber, Laney Wunderli, Joshua Lohrman, Jeffrey Nickel, Kristen Bohn, John Gravell, and Robbie Lordi <3 for all your help with this giant painting. It's not finished, so stay tuned for the progress, and transformation.

Background music by YACHT