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Improper Bostonian: OHDEERGOD in the Spotlights

Desmond CatwalkLocal musician Casey Desmond brings bright color to Mass. with fashion label OHDEERGOD, reports Sarah Dwyer.

Gods, space and high fashion, some things are out of this world and just out of our reach. Musician Casey Desmond brought each of these intangibles close enough to see, touch and even purchase at the launch of her new fashion line, OHDEERGOD.

Desmond MakeupThe fashion show took place at the Middle East upstairs and was preceded by a variety of musical performance including, Desmond's sister's band, Streight Angular, and Miss Desmond herself. Desmond came out sporting a handmade bright purple, pink and blue leotard complete with metallic, sparkle, fringe and some cheek action. She topped off the ensemble with diamonds between hey eyebrows and a dream-catcher, beaded headband made by a friend for her most recent music video, "Talking to God."

"For the sake of art, it's fun to be over the top, to let go and do what feels natural. What is natural for me is bright, colorful and extravagant patterns," says Desmond of her style.

Desmond's models loved the chance to be over the top as well. "Her 'Space Candy' theme is unique, innovative and out there, yet beautiful. It makes you feel pretty and sexy," says model Jackie Haidar. Fellow model Hildi Karpawich agrees, "Massachusetts is fairly conservative [when it comes to fashion], so it's nice to actually see some color, which you don't normally see around here."

For Desmond, her designs go beyond incorporating space and bright colors, she likes to take a little bit of influence from cultures that interest her, including Indian, African and Native American. "American culture is not as whimsical and inspirational. I have so much love for the Native American aesthetic and culture and the way they treat animals and nature," she says.

In fact, animals are another major theme in Desmond's line. The logo for the line is an image of a Native American-inspired deer that Desmond drew herself. The image appears on all of the T-shirts that were both displayed on the models and sold at the merchandise table for the event. But Desmond didn't stop there. She also included intricate animal costumes, including an owl, a fox, a wolf, and of course, a deer head. Desmond really enjoyed making these costumes because her sister and her best friend, Kaitlyn Ciamba (who also helped out with hair and make-up) helped her make them. She was excited to see how the wearers added some of their own flair to the both the outfits and the animal costumes.

Desmond was incredibly pleased with the response to the launch of her line and definitely plans to continue with both fashion and music. "I am really going to keep working hard to make [clothes] that the public can enjoy, but I am also focusing on my performance. I want them to be tied together. I never want to give either of them up. I need all of it," she says.

Sarah Dwyer is a student at Emerson and a former editorial intern at The Improper Bostonian. She has an eye for beautiful art, an ear for great music and the courage to wear extravagant patterns.