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Casey Desmond never dresses down.

It's not even noon on a Tuesday and she's wearing black high-waist spandex pants and a purple mini dress in a psychedelic zebra-ish print, at the sewing machine of course. She's been at it all morning after a string of up-'til-4:30 work nights.

"I found this vintage spandex in LA at a thrift store and it's really, really bizarre," she says. "It's like rainbow and checkered and I'm going to make a body suit with big, puffy shoulder pads and lots of color."

After six years of making spacey, bubblegum-tinged pop music, on Sunday at Space Candy, singer-songwriter Desmond, 25, will make her sartorial debut with OHDEERGOD, a collection of all things out of this world.

3587728930 51cae4aa5a z"I'm really inspired by colorful, vivid, almost unnatural looking things," Desmond explains of her collection, brimming with spandex, space suits and psychedelic prints. "They're just really exciting and they pop out which has kind of always been my thing."

Ever the high schooler puttering on a sewing machine, Desmond started making her own stage clothes about three years ago when she wasn't finding anything in stores that resonated with her aesthetic.

"I wanted to wear something that no one else in the world had and I wanted to express who I am colorfully, visually and not just through my music," she says.

After a Rock 'n Roll fashion show at Great Scott asked her to whip up a piece for the stage, Desmond has sworn to her own costume concoctions where she reinvents quirky vintage fabrics (usually spandex) a la Pam Hogg. She's even learning to print on spandex so she can create her own patterns.

In her first OHDEERGOD collection, Desmond admits, wearability falls second. (The animal suits from this video will make an appearance).