Music Anyone?

casey small 1 123wideListen to Casey's new song and do a dance.

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MF Magazine

mf magazine listen up casey desmondIf you haven't heard her music, you've definitely see her in the latest Diesel campaign.

Casey Desmond tells us,

"I'm super stoked because I love Diesel: I've made a lot of new fans, not to mention it's great exposure. I also added my brand new Interstate dance remix of my song, rendevous exlusively on my Diesel brand profile. I'd love to work with them in the future."

The Pedal Wizard & his Pedalhoard

taylor barefoor pedal wizard hoard casey desmondPun intended.

Let me introduce The Pedal Wizard “Taylor Barefoot”. He’s my right hand man in musical madness and my guitar player.  He's a very talented individual. He also has a pedal hoarding problem. That's fine with me. Take a peek! "Uncontrollable Urge" by Devo is the background music.

Watch the video here

Glam Rock Electro Pop Red Head on the Voice of NBC

nbc voice casey desmondWho me?

I went to my favorite restaurant today with my grandfather. I guess I hadn't gone since I had been aired on The Voice, but everyone there knew I was a singer. The owner came and shook my hand, and called me a celebrity. He said his wife (who also works there) saw me and screamed! My grandfather made it worse by bragging to everyone, and then the waitress was giving me hugs.

B52s Show

b52s casey desmond 2The show was exhilarating.

The B52′s were amazing, and the girl's vocals were spot on.

Live video to come.
Stay tuned...

Heart Shaped Faces - EP Preview

sound museum closeup casey desmondClick pic for full posterSound Museum Presents:

Casey Desmond's Heart Shaped Faces EP Preview Party

Featuring her new single Rendevous.

Remixed by DJ Brendan Fallis (RKM Talent) 

Live visuals by Steve Grise.

Bedroom Recording - Mr. Hot Bot

mr hot bot bedroom video casey desmond"Mr. Hot Bot" written by Casey Desmond (c.) 2010Hi guys!! Soooo I wanted to make a live performance video, but one thing lead to another, and I filmed myself performing from all sorts of angles. I was also tracking all the instruments to protools 8 while performing. The main synthesizer used is a Casio CZ5000, then I recorded my Omnichord OM27, my Casio CT 202, and my Alesis Micron for the vocoder sound. Also, the keys were run into a Dr. Scientist Sunny Day Delay (my favorite) for that lush warm analog delay sound. This doesn't sound exactly like the dance mix original of Mr. Hot Bot, however, it hasn't been released yet so here's a sneak peak!! Stay tuned for my next video.

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