Casey Desmond "Déjà Vu" - First single off of album Déjà Vu. Music and Lyrics by Casey Desmond. Directed by Vassili Shields and Rodrigo J Lopez. Art Direction by Casey Desmond. MUA Jessie Ammons-Carswell, Outfits by OHDEERGOD, Choreography by Niki Thelismond - Dancers: Niki Thelismond, Imanye Montgomery, Amanda Aprile, Leanne Reardon Casey's double is little sister Mary Lee Desmond Additional assistance: Elizabeth Siegel, Katherine Desmond

Casey Desmond "Talking To God" - Song written by Casey Desmond and Robert Ellis Orrall. Download the song on BandCamp . Travis Vautour - Director Photography, Adam Gooder - Camera Operator, Anthony Jarvis - Camera Operator, Rama Rodriguez- Editor. My little sister Mary Lee and I came up with this story together.

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